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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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we are excited. first will be called to order and roll call. [roll-call] >> we have a quorum. that takes care of it. >> time for public comment. this is the time to address seen commission who -- to address the commission. members of the public may address the public for up to three ministers -- who three minutes. if you wish to speak to something that is not on the agenda, this is the time to do it.
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>> i want to say i attended the summit yesterday of the entertainment commission. i think it was very successful. the result of that meeting are going to bear fruit in the future. i was very encouraged. >> thank you. thank you to the staff that made it such a success. item number two, on review and approve the menace -- minutes of july 24. >> i approve. >> call the roll.
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[calling votes] >> one of the highlights of the evening, the reports of the executive director. >> i do not have a lot to report, because we did spend time on the summit, and i want to update the commission on that. i felt it was i huge success as well. are you ok. >> the video on screen goes in and out. >> we had approximately 200 people, and many of us were the new owners of all different sizes, lots of security personnel as we witness, so that was great, so it was great to
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hear from managers and their expectations. hopefully they were not super board and got something good out of it as well. i hope anybody who did attend found something valuable, and we will have some solid outcomes. we are thinking about what happened and who met humana -- whom, networking, having the ability of owners and operators who never get to go anywhere to meet other operators and talk to them and even to know who they are and to put a name to a face, so that happened, and we laughed a lot of time for that. i do plan another one next year.
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it takes awhile to get them together. we are not going to do it anytime soon, but it should be around this time next year. switching gears a little bit, the new position we achieved for initial enforcement will likely be hired around mid october, possibly early november, and we are looking on an announcement, and as soon as i can get a process going, we will higher as soon as we can. that is the time frame. i will see if we can do something creative with the money, and lastly, the entertainment commission's
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annual party, which normally is in july, for a number of reasons got pushed forward, and now it is scheduled for september 18, and there will be a proper meeting. there will not be a lot on the agenda at c. lounge -- key lounge. it was formerly known as an nie's. we will certainly be posting a proper agenda as well as invitations. the party is open and free to the public, and we encourage anyone at all to meet the commissioners and come and heartache, and it is usually a
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good time when -- to come and partake, and it is usually a good time. i think that is all i have to report. >> commissioners. you will see in your binders' my report on some of the complaints we have been looking at. we have been looking at 1077 mission street. this has been brought to our attention before. we had interactions with people in control of the venue. they shut down for approximately three weeks and then reopen. we will be working on that particular issue. valencia's 16th street corridor, we have been increasing our presence there. i was there last weekend, and i am happy to report we are seeing
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not only an increase in the venues that are doing a better overall security, controlling the front of their venues. it was nice to walk around, and everyone was happy to report they are working through their process. the venues have responded positively and are continuing to work in that area of. we have had a few incidents of violence in the last few weeks, and we are working on that particular issue. moving down the line, you will see two citations c'mo, and if o to the bottom, one incident that was not listed on your sheet for number six, we also had an incident of a fight this last
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weekend, and we are waiting for the report on about one as well as the report on atmosphere, so we are still waiting for a few reports from this last weekend, but broadway was pretty and is the common so i talked to officers that night, and also to central station, and they said this was a particularly busy. any questions? no? >> i was wondering, do we know why it was a particularly busy weekend on broadway? >> i think summer. we have had some busy weekends, but we always see a lot more people on broadway. the area seems to be more active in august and july.
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>> i want to say on your report for the summit, and we did something that was so positive. it was not all about security. i was in the owners' management group, and we talked about permit stocks. -- permits. we talked about creative content. we were lucky to have dimmed heaters talk about how you treat your patrons -- we were lucky to have jim peters talk about how you treat your patrons. the difference i think about this summit was that it had a lot more good information about how to be successful in your business, and i want to say thank you very much.
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you did a great job. >> these concealed weapons, these are strip clubs. is that stockton and broadway as well? >> i am not sure of the cross street. >> are these in the venues? >> they were out in front of the venue. >> basically loitering around. >> they have ours, but they are not permitted by ross -- they have bars, but they are not permitted by us.
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>> i was there. we appreciate how they come together and cross fertilize ideas, so for you to be able to do that is wonderful. there was a breakout for open street entertainment and outdoor entertainment. do you know what kinds of ideas came out of that? was there anything interesting? >> between all of them it was basically a breakout of outdoor events producers, and i know there were some challenges. i do not know if they came up with anything groundbreaking. >> i would sum it up like this. people are frustrated with the city putting on the events. they are frustrated with dealing with multiple departments, so we
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may have requirements, police, fire, etc., so i think from their perspective it can be frustrating to deal with the city. there are land use challenges with san francisco. some is court, some is rec and park, a lot of different land owners, so from our perspective we get familiar with rules and it becomes second nature, so especially for an outdoor event it can be challenging, so there was a lot of frustration expressed and a general suggestion we have more carrots and sticks, but we have not thought of good terrorist -- good carrots. it is hard to save money.
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that was the main take away. >> i know our stuff is limited, but to the degree we can help streamline the process, it would be profitable. there were different land use issues. i would be interested to craft together a one stop shop so you can get all the permits you need to know. >> that would be awesome. >> more outdoor events. >> on the owners and breakout session, most of the issue has been we do not want to be hitching -- bitching about things anymore, but i thought maybe next year we should have a table, one for social media, one
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for live musicians looking for gigs, and the other one for hospitality and also for tips. we can sign up people, so it is becoming for the industry, kind of like las vegas. >> you can go to las vegas. 5 i understand what you are saying, and i certainly could think of how to do that. it is a little tough for agencies and city government to say yes, you can sign people up for this, and it is a profit- making business. it is a little difficult, but it does not mean we cannot do it. what we do is say, here is a table. it is open to anyone, and put your information down so there is quite a bit of information,
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an interesting tredrink app, whatever, and we can certainly work on that because we have a good year to plan. >> any further questions? any public comment on the executive director and sound technicians report? no public comment? we will move to item 24 -- now on to item #4. >> i want to start by saying a lot of officers attended the summit. it was nice to be able to network and talk about problem-
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solving. it was very well organized, and we got a lot out of ipsit/ i am not going to go into a lot of things as far as what is going on. there was a lot of activity. we are happy are violence reduction teams came and really assisted. there were fights all over the place. i am not going to go down a laundry list of all the different things. i am going to talk about one thing specifically, and that is jones, and i know we are coming off the summit. it is a feel-good thinning. i have gotten so many phone calls and e-mails regarding the venue from last week where they had a one-night entertainment permit, and i had one lady who
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was not happy, and she was definitely venting. she was furious because her whole neighborhood was completely disturbed, and one of the things i talk about was a onetime entertainment permit, and i likened it to the fact -- the fact that you had any news, it was exceeded. i did get numerous females, and it's basically amounted to a rock concert, -- i did get numerous e-mails, and it basically amounted to a rock concert. i want staff to get an idea of
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what it looked like. i am not going to read verbatim all the different e-mails are received, but one of them was from a local hotel asking what can we do. "the noise is getting ridiculous. it is getting difficult to run a hotel with all this racket going on. what exactly can be done about all this? i have to say when we have issues they can be receptive. there are things we tried to improve, but this was so over the top. they had another e-mailed. some people did not want their names to be given out.
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some people did not have a problem with eighit. this was a description. good where was a major noise disturbances do till -- there was a major noise disturbances. my residence is crown towers. the music was at such an extremely high level i cannot hear my television at normal sound level. because the neighborhood has a kenyan-like sound context to to the high rise in -- a canyon- like sound context due to high rises, i notice my glasses and vibrating. i told the police this was not emanating from an apartment, but that it was like an open-air concert.
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i made another phone call to inquire about the status of the investigation. she had already received many phone calls regarding this disturbance. the music continued, and i phoned the police yet again. i was asked if i was complaining about the noise disturbances. this meant they were receiving many other inquiries. i was informed it was under permit and would shut down at 9:00. it did not shut down at 9:00. the music could still be heard as late as 9:30. i was disturbed to learn that a permit had been given for a rock concert in a residential neighborhood. i asked for whom this was granted. i was told she did not have this information but i could forward the inquiry to an officer.
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they talk about how it was unacceptable, which i completely agree with. >> i am looking at the pictures, and one of the pictures says this is a private event and it is going to end at 9:00. did it end at 9:00? >> it ended after that. i think the neighbors had really had its, and one of the e-mails expressed it was the breaking down of the sound equipment, and they said people were intoxicated and breaking down sound equipment. >> can you turn this mic down? what i am seeing is a stage and a sound system and a band facing away from the street into that canyon, but i am not seeing a
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lot of people. this picture does not show a lot of people, and may be the operator could be talked to about dampening the sound, because i am sure it does reverberate off the building. >> the entertainment commission issued of permits with the intention of permitting the event indoors. the application was given to us, and the implication and description was that this was a microsoft the event. it was a midweek event. it was early, and this was a restaurant, and it has no permit, so we issued a permit for indoors. >> i see. this was not a sound permit. >> this was not an amplified sound permit, so the rest of it was somewhat irrelevant, because
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after we issued a citation, and we receive many females as well, but the situation was -- many emails as well, and the decision was made that they would come before the commission. >> i was wondering, do we know who the promoters are? >> it was the microsoft's private event a. >> they are exempt from the fines? >> we cited them for violating a whole bunch of things. >> anybody else? >> in conclusion, i think i am asking the same thing jocelyn is asking. if they do go for another one day permits that the commission go over that, and that would
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give the public the opportunity to voice their concerns, because i have a lot of people who are extremely unhappy and rightfully so. their home was invaded with this. we have had conversations that this will never happen again, but i am still dealing with the aftermath. >> thank you. any public comment concerning the police report? yes, sir? >> i am owning the venue on broadway, and i am next to atmosphere. i do not x of this, and i never will -- i do not accept this,
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and i never will. people are buying drinks, and they are so drugs they cannot walk to the bus. he said, and they cannot walk because they are to draunk. but went out of their hands, and you do not see broadway. there are people in handcuffs and stuff like that, so i think if we can eliminate party bosses region -- party buses, we have to have a license to sell a drink. party buses do not, and they do whatever they wish.
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i know a lady was killed, so eliminate party buses, and you are going to have a nicer environment. good >> thank you. i do not know if you are correct, but we will allow you in the name of free speech to talk about party buses, . we will go to item number five, discussion of an action to amend the bylaws, and we covered this last meeting. we discussed it. and we continued its four commissioner perez, and basically we are looking at extending it for three years with an election every year and eliminating the requirement they
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alternate the president from one of the industry'ies, one of the sectors of the commission is free to elect whomever they feel is the most appropriate person to be president, and that the down by that stipulation. -- be bound by that stipulation. is there anyone who would like to discuss further? >> i would like to say i am not in favor of just moving forward with that. i think there are a lot of things that go into creating bylaws. i do not think there needs to be -- i think if someone wants to be president for a third term, there should be special requirements that should be met by that person as far as how
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many votes they get, and i think it is good to keep voices rotating. i think it is set up to get as many voices as possible heard on the commission, and i understand on this commission there would be many good reasons to continue with the leadership and we have had, but i do not think this is something i would be in favor of changing straight out i as stated. >> even with the changes it would be of to the commission to alive whoever they want. it is not bound by any -- it would be up to the commission to elect whomever they want. >> each one of us commissioners can speak our mind at any time.
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i think the presidency is the ability to conduct a meeting in a concise and a efficient way. that is what the presidency is about. not all of us have that still, and we want to have the meetings move on in an efficient way, so to be able to elect somebody who can do that, and that is what the presidency does. the presidency does that and helps with the agenda, but the staff sets the agenda, so the presidency is not a power position or anything like that, so that is why i added the sector part, because not everybody in all sectors has the ability to conduct a meeting well, so that is my reason for having that, and i think we should eliminate that qualification because we each have a chance to talk. you do not


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